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Servicing Packages

Honda through the generations...

Honda through the generations...

We can service & maintain ANY Honda car, using only genuine Honda OEM parts & fluids. Please contact us directly for a quote.

Honda Type-R Basic Interval Servicing packages starting at £135.00, Major Interval Servicing packages starting at £300.00…

Your Honda is a highly-engineered, high performance vehicle;
Using inferior components & low quality fluids seriously degrades your vehicle over time, causing premature wear & expensive component failure.

You can rest assured that your vehicle is in safe hands. It will be inspected, serviced and maintained to the highest level, using only high quality parts & fluids.

Treat your Honda to the best.

Each service we provide meets & exceeds original manufacturer specification in every way.
Each fluid & component has been chosen for its outstanding performance, quality and durability.

Each service includes a road test, to make sure every component is working just as it should, so that you’re getting the full driving experience that Honda designed your vehicle for.

An accurate service record & regular service intervals are essential to maintain the correct running of your vehicle and will keep it that way for years to come.

If we find any issues that could affect the running of your Honda, we will always contact you first BEFORE carrying out any work.

Before your service even begins, a 31-point inspection is carried out to ensure your Honda is in a good condition and will help pick up on potential issues, before they turn into problems.

Available Services

  • Brake & Clutch Fluid Replacement – £50.00 (+ brake fluid)
  • Clutch and/or Gearbox Replacement – £300.00 (gearbox oil & clutch not included)
  • Full Engine Coolant Change – £50.00 (includes coolant)
  • H22A Automatic to Manual Timing Belt Tensioner Upgrade – £300.00 (includes all parts & installation)
  • Manual Gearbox Oil Change using MTF-3 – £61.00 (includes 2 litres of Genuine Honda gearbox oil)
  • Timing Belt / Chain Replacement – £200.00 (parts not included)
  • Plastic Headlight Lens Restoration & Re-polishing – £50.00
  • Valve Clearance Check & Adjustment – £85.00 (includes cambelt / chain inspection)

Basic Interval Service (Petrol, 12,500 mile);

Regular replacement of the Air Filter, Oil Filter & Engine Oil is required to keep your Honda’s engine running smoothly and performing well;

  • Castrol Edge / Mobil 1 ESP Fully Synthetic Engine Oil
  • Genuine Honda Oil Filter & Sump Washer
  • Genuine Honda Air Filter
  • Full Under-body Inspection

Starting @ £135.00

Major Interval Service (Petrol, 12,500 mile) including gearbox oil change;

Using only genuine Honda-approved fluids & components for the major service your beloved Honda deserves:

  • Castrol Edge / Mobil 1 ESP Fully Synthetic Engine Oil
  • Genuine Honda Oil Filter & Sump Washer
  • Genuine Honda MTF-3 Gearbox Oil
  • Genuine Honda Air Filter
  • Genuine Honda Pollen Filter
  • Genuine Honda Platinum/Iridium Spark Plugs
  • Genuine Honda Fuel Filter (where specified)
  • Full Under-body Inspection

Starting @ £300.00

Please Note: The 75,000 mile service intervals require extra work (such as valve clearance check/adjustment, fuel filter replacement & brake/clutch fluid change)…Please call for further information.

We are also happy to service your Honda using fluids & components you supply, get in contact for a quote.

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