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Honda Dealer-Level Access

Honda Dealer-Level Access

Got a problem with your performance Honda, or not running as it should?

Our years of experience working with the brand will help narrow down the problem quickly and find you an affordable solution.

We have dealer-level Honda diagnostic equipment; allowing us deep-access to all the systems on your Honda including; 4-wheel steering (4WS), electronic power steering (EPS), anti-lock braking system (ABS), vehicle stability assist (VSA), diesel particulate filter (DPF) regeneration.

The majority of components on your Honda can be rebuilt to some degree or another (steering racks, alternators, brake calipers, master cylinders etc…) and in most cases, a failure doesn’t mean an expensive part replacement.

We offer fixed-rate prices on jobs such as clutch changes and engine replacements, along with low per-hour rate for general diagnosis & repair work.

Full Engine Health Check – Full compression & leakdown cylinder testing, along with a complete visual & audible inspection of your entire engine…£60.00

General All-round Vehicle Inspection – A complete under-body inspection of all systems & running gear on your vehicle…£40.00

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