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Civic Type-R EK9 Under-Body Restoration

Civic Type-R EK9 Under-Body Restoration

“Most cars come from the factory with inadequate levels of under-body protection; Over the years, salt, dirt & moisture build-up can attack the underside of you car, slowly eating it away from the ground up.”

Honda has always been famed for its excellent reliability, but as we all know; it’s usually rust that eventually kills it…protecting the underside of your Honda is vital to ensure it lasts for years to come

Hondas are well known for rust & corrosion in the rear wheel arch area…this is especially the case on 90’s & early 00’s vehicles. The damaged is actually caused by owners failing to keep the rear arch-lip area clean…dirt builds up around the arch-to-bumper joining points and acts like a sponge, holding moisture around the metal and in-turn the corrosion begins; spreading forwards around and down the arch lip edge until it gets to the back edge of the sill and slowly destroys it.

In most cases, however, the majority of this damage can be repaired & reversed…an MOT failure for body corrosion doesn’t necessarily mean a trip to the scrap yard.

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Own a car less than 3 years old? Protect it now (before the corrosion sets in!) so that it’s ready for the future…just £500.00


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