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Engine & Gearbox Rebuilds

Engine starting to feel a little worn & tired?

We can rebuild almost any Honda engine or gearbox (along with many other components) to near-new condition, using only quality components and saving you £££’s compared to dealership prices.

Civic Type-R 2001-06 EP3 // Integra Type-R 2001-06 DC5 // Civic Type-R 2007-11 FN2 // Civic Type-R 2007-11 FD2

Complete K20A // K20A2 // K20Z4 fully-overhauled engines available to order;

  • Fully stripped, cleaned, inspected & rebuilt in-house, with all machining work carried out by our highly-reputable machining specialists
  • Freshly-bored & honed engine block with bore-matched OE Japan pistons/rings
  • Fully re-manufactured cylinder head (re-faced, new valve guides, valves re-cut, valve stem seals)
  • Genuine Honda oil pump assembly
  • Genuine Honda head-gasket
  • Genuine Honda/OE Japan engine seal kit
  • OE Japan high performance engine shell set (mains, big-ends & thrust)
  • OE Japan water-pump assembly
  • OE Japan thermostat assembly
  • Genuine Honda timing chain/tensioner kit
  • Fully re-painted rocker cover in wrinkle blue/black (wrinkle red available on request)
  • Genuine Honda engine sensors (crank, cam, knock etc…)
  • OE Japan auxiliary drive belt (specify A/C or non-A/C)
  • OE Japan auxiliary belt tensioner bearings

Civic 01-06 EP3 – K20A2 (supply complete engine) – £3795.00

Integra 01-06 DC5 // Civic 01-06 EP3 JDM – K20A (supply complete engine) – £4795.00

Civic 07-11 FN2 – K20Z4 (supply complete engine) – £3695.00

We can overhaul your engine using only genuine Honda OEM and high quality Japanese components, we inspect, measure and restore the engine to almost factory-new condition;

K20A2 – £2395.00

K20A – £2495.00

K20Z4 – £2295.00

Note: Prices do not include removal, installation & service fluids. Extra machining work may be required if the engine you supply for rebuild is damaged (i.e. bottom-end knocking, oil pump failure, head-gasket failure etc…).

Note: All prices are subject to change.


Or perhaps you’re looking for a little more than just a standard rebuild?

  • Naturally Aspirated All-Motor
  • Frankenstein (K24 VTEC etc…)
  • Turbocharging
  • Supercharging

We can help with that too.

Gearbox lost its famed Honda slickness?

We can remove & rebuild most manual Honda gearboxes, sourcing genuine replacement parts to return it to its former glory.


  • Removal & Installation into your Honda…from £300.00
  • 1 Litre of Genuine Honda MTF-3 Gearbox Oil…£18.00
  • Genuine Honda 3-piece Clutch Kit…from £225.00
  • Full Strip-Down, Inspection & Rebuild of Gearbox…from £250.00
  • Final Drive upgrades…from £400.00
  • Limited Slip Differential upgrades…from £700.00

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